Renault Announces 2005 Challenger Launch in Monaco


Renault’s 2005 car, the R25, will be unveiled on 1 February in Monaco. Renault is the sixth team to announce the launch date of their car. Up to now, they are only the second to choose a non-testing venue. The Sauber team has chosen Kuala Lumpur to launch their new car.The Renault team has launched new cars outside France lately because of the stringent anti-tobacco advertising legislation, as the team is sponsored by the Japanese cigarette brand Mild Seven. The launching took place in Palermo, Sicily in 2004.The DriversThe 2005 Renault drivers will be Giancarlo Fisichella and Fernando Alonso. Fisichella returns to the team after a three-year absence. He feels that the team is even more motivated to win. He is reported to have said that it was the perfect time to be with Renault again, declaring himself satisfied with the competitive atmosphere, focussed on victory. Both drivers will be present in the Principality at the launch, as well as the boss of the Renault team, Flavio Briatore.The CarThe team was generally satisfied with the 2004 car. Their only reservation was that the car was quite tricky to drive at top speed. The R25 shows kay improvements in this area. Changes were also made to the chassis and the aerodynamics. With a new electronic system and huge improvements to the engine, the new Renault car fills the team with great confidence.The team had a good season in 2004, finishing third in the championship, after BAR Honda and Ferrari and ahead of BMW Williams and McLaren-Mercedes. Renault has fixed the target for 2005: last October The Renault F1 president announced that the R25 will challenge for the constructors’ title.

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